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About Us

Central Florida Functional Medicine focuses on identifying and correcting underlying biomedical abnormalities to improve overall health and create wellness.

We are a patient-centered practice serving individuals and families of all ages who aim to optimize their wellness.

Our treatments combine lifestyle adjustment, nutritional supplements, and traditional medications when needed. 



Many lifestyle choices erode our overall wellness and often present as fatigue such as 

- irregular sleep patterns

- poor eating habits 


Living in the 21st century exposes us to very different stressors on the body than at any other time in human history

- chronic stress 

- acute stress


There are several medical conditions and common medications which may also cause fatigue such as 

- food allergies

- thyroid dysfunction

- nutritional deficiencies


“Scott Smith is amazing at what he does. He made us feel like we have been coming to him for years on our very first visit. Many people travel from all over to see him, we drove 22 hours for our appointment and will do it again.”


Paul, New Jersey

Central Florida Functional Medicine is excited to be partnering with Fullscript online dispensary to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements from the top brands in the functional medicine/wellness industry.

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