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Services Provided


During your initial consultation Scott performs a comprehensive review of your past medical history, prior laboratory results and current medical concerns.  In addition, an in-depth physical examination with a focus on nutritional deficiencies is performed.  This information is then utilized in the development of your treatment plan to match your specific health needs and wellness goals.

Approximate Rate:

Consultation fees are $500 per hour.  

Initial consult cost will vary depending on the time needed to review your case.   More complex cases will have a higher initial consultation fee as these consults can be up to 1.5 hours. Likewise, simple, non-complex issues may only require 30 – 45 min on initial consultation time. 

*Please ask about discounts for pediatric special needs cases

IV Treatments

Nutritional IV treatments are an effective way to increase nutrients rapidly and safely.  These infusions can be used to improve nutritional deficiencies, assist in detoxification, reduce fatigue, and decrease oxidative stress.  Intravenous administration allows us to dose beyond oral tolerance which removes uncontrolled variables such as malabsorption and loss through liver metabolism. Furthermore, increased dosing facilitates an accelerated physiologic response.

Wellness I: 30 mins Vitamin C/ B-vitamins/ Mineral Mix ($ XXX.00)

Wellness II: 1 hr high dose Vitamin C/ B-vitamins/ Mineral Mix ($249.00)

Recovery: 1 hr Vitamin C/ B-vitamins/ Amino Acid Mix ($249.00)

Oxidative stress: 30 mins Glutathione/ Alpha Lipoic Acid/ Vitamin C ($249.00)

Mitochondria Support

                Mito Basic: 30 mins Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, vitamin C, and L-Carnitine ($275.00)

                Mito Max: 2 hrs Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, vitamin C, L-Carnitine and NAD ($475.00)

Detoxification support: 30 mins Glutathione/ CaNa2EDTA/ Alpha Lipoic Acid (~$XXX.00)

Additional infusion options include (Glutathione/ Methyl B 12/ Carnitine/ NAD)



For your ease and convenience, we offer on-site laboratory services. We also work with several medical laboratories that complete both functional and conventional testing.  Testing is available for a wide variety of conditions including toxicity evaluations, adrenal functions, microbiologies, and mitochondria evaluations. 

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