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As a leading clinician in the field of alternative medicine and nutritional therapies, Scott Smith developed the Premium Energy Restoration Complex (PERC), which is an energy restoration supplement. 


Mr. Smith used his years of clinical experience and knowledge to develop a formula to help the body manage the common stressors that lead to fatigue.  The design of this supplement positively differs from other energy restoration supplements in the field being that it doesn't try to power or stimulate you through the stressor which often leaves additional stressors in its place, ultimately causing the dreaded crash.  

Currently, there are a wide variety of nutritional supplements and energy drinks that claim to increase energy and reduce fatigue.  So, listed below are the key factors that distinguish PERC from its competitors.  

1. Improves oxidative stress and decrease reactive oxygen species. 

2. Can be used as needed or as daily supplement

3. Reduces and modulates stressors which lead to fatigue 

The Benefits

Active Ingredients

Vitamin B6


Rhodiola Rosea

Grapeseed Extract

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